Food is psa

Thirty second motion graphic PSA for All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota, FL with a purpose of encouraging donations through volunteer service, money, or food donations.

Client: All Faiths Food Bank

Design and Animation: Kirsten Elharda and Kyle Leicht

Photography: Kirsten Elharda and Kyle Leicht

Type Design & Compositing: Kirsten Elharda

My partner, Kyle and I wanted to focus and drive home the fact that not all of us are fortunate to have a meal three times a day. Many people sadly toss and waste an abundance of food daily while others are struggling to survive. In order to convey the reality of the situation, but not too strongly, we decided a playful approach to the animation. Through colors and the movement, we wanted to engage the audience by igniting their taste buds!


Original Animatic

First Initial Style frames & Type Play

BTS: Arrange fruits/vegetables accordingly within framing for later compositing.


Final Style frames